Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rain + Naughty Dog = Waterproof + Pockets

After coming home drenched from yet another Roxie-walk (did I mention it's still raining?) I told my sweetie what I really want is a waterproof dog-walking jacket.

"What about a regular waterproof jacket?" says he. "Why does it have to be a dog-walking jacket? Does anyone even make a dog-walking jacket?"

Silly gander. As if any old Goretex will do! But in these days of specialized niche products, surely someone has heard the cry of the dog-walker in need. Talk to me, Google!

And voila! Behold: the Let's Go K-Rosco Dog-Walking Utility Jacket!

These people clearly understand dog walking. You've got the big cargo pockets to hold treats, plus a special plastic pouch for the greasier hot dogs/cheese bits. You've got the belt which not only provides a flattering fitted look, but also doubles as an extra emergency leash for any stray mutts you come across. You've got zip-off sleeves to convert to a warm-weather vest. You've got a back mesh pocket for your water bottle. In short, you have everything you could possibly want...but in the immortal words of the TV Ginsu knife guy, that's not all! Take a close look at the cargo pocket. That little gray thing poking out the grommet hole is (...wait for it...) OMG yes, that is indeed a poop bag. This thing has an automatic built-in poop bag dispenser!

I want. I wantIwantIwantIwant. How much howmuchhowmuch?


Whoa. Say again?

I remind myself that that's a pretty good price for a waterproof 4-season jacket with all those bells and whistles, plus (let us not forget) an automatic built-in poop bag dispenser. I mean, have you seen the cost of jackets at REI lately? It is to weep, truly. However. I love you, Let's Go K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket...but alas, our passion is not meant to be.

After all, I already have a dog-walking jacket. Really all I need to do is spritz it with water repellent. But still, summer is (allegedly) coming, and I'll need something a lot lighter...

You know all those anti-clutter experts, who say if you haven't worn something for a year to get rid of it? This is why I don't listen to those people. Ten years ago, my sweetie and I went on a big-game capture course in South Africa (oh, haven't I told you about that? I will. With pics. It was awesome) and anyway, we were required to bring a vest with lots of pockets. Which I did. And never wore again. But I always kept it, because even if you're not going to South Africa again to chase giraffes,* who knows when you'll need a vest with lots of pockets, right?

And so, dear readers, here it is: my four-season dog-walking jacket system. Eat your heart out, K-Rosco!You might be wondering why I carry 1) kibble, 2) hot dogs, and 3) chicken. You know those really obnoxious dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs when they're on leash? That's Roxie. Or at least, that was Roxie. Training still underway. Boatloads of food required. Hence all the pockets.

But ain't she cute?

*Actual big-game capture activity. Seriously. Pics forthcoming.


Andrea said...

Very funny, Chris. Your own system is quite fetching (so to speak) and so reasonably priced! I was drooling over that red jacket until I saw the possibilities.
Roxy's adorable. Just curious--are you doing the Leave It command followed immediately by a treat for the lunging? I hope it's working. I tried it and Brio did well for a while, but now she lunges first and barks like a dingo and is a complete creep, then when she's all done she sits down and looks at me sweetly, expecting a treat. I tell her she's got it backwards but it makes no difference. Naughty naughty naughty!

Christine Fletcher said...

Fetching! Ha!

Reasonably priced is right...I stole the gray jacket out of my sweetheart's closet years ago. And the 10-year-old vest might as well be free. Found treasure, as it were.

Oh, naughty Brio! I'm actually going to blog about Roxie's training process in the next week or two. (It lends itself to humor.) Stay tuned, all will be revealed!

(Oh, word verification is "cateater." NOT a behavior we're having to deal with, fortunately.)

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, but you crack me up! Haha. Who woulda thunk there would be an actual dog-walking coat? I love it!

And can't wait to read about the African adventure (with pics!).

Christine Fletcher said...

Melissa, I can't believe I haven't blogged about the Africa trip before now. I guess because it was years ago.

And yup, it seems that if you want something super-specialized, somebody out there is making it...for a price. :)

Lisa Nowak said...

Well, you must have found at least one sunny day to film that. :) It looks like you've got the jacket thing covered (no pun intended) but it's almost worth $270 just to get that poop bag dispenser.

Speaking of which, my lawn mower needs one of those. I have two customers who own dogs and don't clean up the back yard before I mow it. I guess I could tell them they have to or charge them extra, but I'm too much of a wimp to do that, so I just pick up the poop for them. (Better that than cleaning it off the wheels of my mower and the bottoms of my boots afterward.) Let me tell you, it's not easy picking up dog poop that's been sitting out in the rain.

Christine Fletcher said...

Lisa, you are WAY too nice. People should pick up after their own dogs, not expect you to do it! If they can't be bothered, they should pay extra. It doesn't have to be a lot, but enough that you feel compensated for your professional time.

*now climbing down off my wise-auntie advice chair*

sally nemeth said...

I think you oughta market the dishwater gray/faded terra cotta combo vest-jak for those of us who are too down-market for K-Rosco! I could sure use it! How 'bout a buck-three-eighty?

Christine Fletcher said...


Renee_Dunaway said...

I'm loving all the features of the K-Rosco dog walking jacket, but I'm having a hard time finding reviews of people who've actually bought them. Dog walkers and rescuers often don't live a lifestyle that can afford the $270 price point...particularly when the few real differentiators are easily replicatable with a $120 TJ Maxx North Face jacket and $30 short leather leash.

Christine Fletcher said...

Renee, I felt the same way. Lovely jacket, but I can't afford it. Good point about the North Face jacket & leash! I'm actually still using the fishing vest, just layering it over a jacket for the winter. Works great.