Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still Geeky After All These Years

Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of my blog. In that time, I've written fewer posts than many people do in a single year: 183, including this one. In the same five years, I've also written:

2-1/2 books,
a dozen guest posts for other blogs (more or less...I'm too lazy to go back and actually count),
a dozen or so interviews (ditto),
a couple of recommendation letters,
a few thousand emails,
one or two actual snail mail letters,
259 tweets, and
a really bad poem for a contest to make Bella Stander laugh.

When I started this gig, experts insisted that one had to blog EVERY DAY. They were so adamant about this, I almost expected them to hunt me down and slap my face for my impudence. I didn't mean to be naughty. But I knew I'd end up with 1) a helluva lot of crappy blog posts and 2) a very short-lived blog, because 3) all my neurons would explode from the pressure.

Just say no to detonated gray matter, that's my motto.

Which maybe is why I'm still here, writing about geeky stuff that interests me. So to everyone who stops by, thank you. (Pink, so you know it comes straight from my heart.) I truly appreciate you.

Year Six is going to be fun. Puppy adventures. And (I hope) a brand-new foray into publishing. More news on that as I get it. For now, dear and faithful reader, I leave you with this...because nothing says love like yet another goofy cat video.


karen said...

Thank you Christine! I love reading your posts, they are always entertaining, often enlightening, and whether about writing, movies, or life, each one provides insight or some point of view that I may never have seen before. And of course the random bits about animals... awesome. I now find myself googling "cutest kitten in the world" whenever I need a bit of cheer.

Christine Fletcher said...

karen, I'm glad to spread the "cutest kitten in the world" blues-busting therapy. :)

Thanks for hanging out here...I'm delighted to have you!

Sally Nemet said...

I will break you face off if you touch it! HA! LOOOOVE it. And love the blog. Don't ever change. Quality ALWAYS trumps quantity. xoxox

Christine Fletcher said...

Aww, thanks Sal!

And no, I won't be posting daily anytime soon, if ever. I only have a certain number of words in me every day, and first & foremost they must go to feed the novels. Kind of like Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. :)

Melissa Marsh said...

I, for one, an glad you're still blogging! I always love your posts. And I can't wait to read about your new publishing venture!!!

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks, Melissa! One thing blogging has brought me is friends I wouldn't have met otherwise. And it's so funny that we're often dealing with the same writing issues at about the same time. I hope I have news on the new book soon!

Lisa Nowak said...

I'm ashamed of how far behind on my blog reading I've gotten. I try to pick out the important blogs to comment on when I can't get them all, but somehow I missed your post. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I'm just fine with people who only post occasionally. It makes them easier to keep up with! :)

Christine Fletcher said...

Lisa, I routinely get behind on my blog reading, much as I try not to. And now that I think about it, I tend not to follow people who do blog daily. Just not enough time, unfortunately.

Thanks for always stopping in! :)