Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gray Funk

"...for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain..." Joel 2:23

I don't know what good old Joel was actually prophesying, but if he was talking about the Pacific Northwest spring of 2011, I'd say he hit the nail right on the head. We've been getting the rain. And the former rain. And the latter rain. Day after day, our weather forecasts have called for "steady rain," "increasing rain," "continuing rain," "rain turning to showers," and then, just to shake things up, "showers turning to rain." In between all that downpour, it drizzles. Unless, for kicks and giggles, it decides to hail.

This isn't standard-issue Portland damp. A sample of the records broken last month:

Consecutive days of rain in March: 23. (Old record: 16.)
Total days of rain in March: 28. (Old record: 27.)
Latest date in the year to hit 60 degrees: March 31st. (Average: February 16th.)

I wish I could report that the first two weeks of April have turned it around. But so far, it's been more of the same. You know it's bad when even the natives--who normally pride themselves on their dewy complexions, from all that moisture in the air--get cranky and start complaining.

Anyway, I think the unremitting, dripping gloom is why I've been in a funk lately. That, and the cold from hell that won't go away. The euphoria of spring, the exhilaration and new energy that come with the daffodils and lengthening just ain't happening, people.

Of course, compared to what's been going on in the world, this is nothing. I shouldn't even be complaining. Time to stop moping out the window and kick the cheery part of my brain back into gear. But how?

Hmm. Perhaps I shall type "cutest kitten in the world" into Google.

Oh, yeah. That helps.

So does this *geeking out, yay!!*

What about you? What do you do when the weather gets you down? Does music pick you up? Favorite movies? A special kind of tea? Doughnuts? Please advise, my friends!


Andrea said...

"Cutest kitten in the world" did it for me. It'll last for today anyhow. Many thanks, Chris.
My brand new Nook helps, especially since I'm able to load library books onto it.
And for some reason it's comforting to do laundry on these dreary days. Maybe because it's a flow of water I actually have some control over...?

Christine Fletcher said...

"Maybe because it's a flow of water I actually have some control over...?"


And yeah, that kitten pic has serious cheering power. :)

Sue Long said...

Great and diverting post, Chris! Let's see; I put blonde streaks in my hair, and it wasn't till I read this post that I recognized the hair-color experiment for what it was: desperation. Perhaps related to the blonding, I have figured out the toggle mechanism on my hood so that it doesn't blow off (and expose the hair) and the rain (and hail) doesn't blow in. Greek food at friendly Foti deli is helpful. Any type of baked good. Hang in there!

Christine Fletcher said...

Susan, desperation leads us to many things...although blonde streaks do sound quite cute.

Greek food...mmm, lovely. But if this rain doesn't let up, I'm going straight for the ouzo. And the baked goods. :)

Lisa Nowak said...

That is definitely a cute kitten. Don't mention donuts, please. I keep getting weird cravings for Voodoo donuts. That grape one ...

The rain truly has been a challenge this year. It's really put a damper on the landscaping. Fortunately it looks like it's about to end.

Christine Fletcher said...

Lisa, I am embarrassed to say I have never been to Voodoo Donuts. That might be just the ticket to lift the gloom!

They're saying sun next week, though...dare we hope?

Melissa Amateis said...

Chocolate, of course, but if I remember correctly, you don't like chocolate. ;-)

We've had chilly weather here, after getting spoiled with a few glorious warm spring days. I'm wearing a sweater today! Bah.

Hope your mood lifts soon...maybe watch a good old comedy film like "Arsenic and Lace" or "Father Goose" with Cary Grant and Leslie Caron!

Christine Fletcher said...

Melissa--you remember correctly. :) However, I'm always up for sugar-covered baked goods. Old-fashioned doughnuts, mmm.

We've had some clear weather this week, which is a huge help. Still raining between times, still chilly...but at least we know the sun is up there somewhere!