Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment on Once More on the Dance Floor! I'm delighted to announce the winner, chosen by a random number generator, is jpetroroy.

The consensus definitely swung toward the new cover, although the old one got a lot of love, too. I like them both in different ways. I agree with the commenters who noted that each cover emphasizes a different aspect of the book: the new one more on the romance (although the book isn't a romance novel, there's definitely a bad-boy-love angle), and the old cover on the historical aspects. Since I'm a history buff, I must admit I lean a weency bit more toward the old cover. I just love that red fingernail polish and the pinstripe suit!

Thanks for playing, everyone, and for telling me what you think!


ikw said...

congrats to jpetroroy!

christine - i'd be interested to know if your publisher is able to get customer feedback regarding the two covers.

Christine Fletcher said...

ikw, that's a great question. I don't believe that publishers (mine or others) seek out customer feedback on covers, either before or after publication. If anyone out there knows otherwise, please give a holler!

However, there have been a couple of recent cases in the YA world where publishers have been called out for "whitewashing"--using white cover models to represent black protagonists. In both cases, calls for boycotts of the affected books led to cover changes (one before publication, one after).

Another interesting cover tidbit: Barnes & Noble will sometimes weigh in on cover decisions prior to publication. If B&N doesn't like a cover, the publisher will often change it.

Lisa Nowak said...

Wow, that's interesting about Barnes and Noble. That's some kind of pull. :) Of course I guess they're in a position to know what sells, since they work with the end consumer directly.

ikw said...

i echo lisa's comment!

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