Monday, March 29, 2010

Once More on the Dance Floor

Today is the release day of Ten Cents a paperback, with a brand-new look!

My first reaction on seeing it? OOH, PRETTY!

This brings up a question that ikw asked in the comments on a previous post: "i was wondering why your latest novel has two different covers. do you, as the author, ever get to have any input on cover design?"

It's true that a paperback often has a different cover from the original hardback. The paperback cover is an opportunity to change the focus on the book; to attract a wider or a different audience; to help bring new attention to a title that's been out in the world a while. But whether or not to design a new cover isn't up to the author. The publisher is the one who makes that call.

As far as author input, that's also up to the publisher. Some authors get no say about their covers at all. In that regard I'm really lucky, because my editor at Bloomsbury has always asked my opinion about the cover designs for my books. (For more insight into the process, check out my previous post about the Ten Cents a Dance hardcover here.)

New edition. New cover. It's like my book is all grown up and leaving home...for the second time. And I'm the mom waving from the doorway, dabbing my eyes, calling, Have fun! Make lots of friends! Be sure to write!

(OK, maybe not that last one. But you get the idea.)

So, blog readers, what do you think? Do you prefer the old cover,* or the new? Vote in the comments by 12 AM Wednesday, April 6th, and you'll get a chance to win a copy of your choice: either hardcover or paperback! (No fear, I'll be picking the winner randomly--so be free with your opinions!)

*old cover:


Jen Bigheart said...

BOTH are beautiful, but I would have to lean towards the new cover. BTW...authors have no input on covers? That's crazy to me! It's like saying I want a red car and randomly getting any model on the lot. Nuts!

Congrats on your ppb release!

Unknown said...

The new cover focuses on the romance more, I think, but the old cover gives you more of an idea of the time period the book's setting is, so it would depend on the market you're focusing on. Both are cool, but I like the new cover's photo better.

jpetroroy said...

I actually like the older cover more--it's a bit more atmospheric and mysterious.

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mi said...

i agree with katterly about how the new cover focuses on the romance and the older cover let's you know about the time period.
it's for that reason i like the older cover better because i would be more attracted to it in a book store based on that reason.

p.s. - thanks for answering my question!

Unknown said...

The new pb cover is catchy and racy in a way that says "pick me up... NOW." But I like the grace and elegance of the first, which I am currently half way through and am loving, by the way!

Lisa Nowak said...

Ooooh! Exciting news. :)

I prefer the old cover because that's the image I've come to know as Ruby. The new cover is beautiful, but it seems like it could pass for contemporary. I like the idea of knowing the book is historical from the cover. On the other hand, there's something to be said for the thought that people are people, throughout time. After all, Ruby is just as relatable as any contemporary character. That's one of the things I found so appealing about her.

I've got an autographed hardcover copy already, so you can take my name out of the drawing to give other people a better chance. :)

angie said...

I actually like the new cover!
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Walter Rowntree said...

I am an old stick in the mud and don't like changes. I like big Mama Thornton's original Hound Dog and think Elvis' version is crud. Although I do have to admit to liking Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams better than the original. I just think the new cover is wrong because it doesn't have a picture of the main character, Ruby, on it. Who is that woman on the new cover anyway????.
BTW, I'm the only real geek who posts comments on your blog because I'm the only one who uses html coding. Ha.
An I bet J.K. Rowlings could have any damned cover she wanted.

Melissa Amateis said...

I gotta say, I like the new cover better, though both are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I like the old cover better. It just grabs you and makes you want to read it so much more then the new one.