Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Hilarious, and yet oddly undescribable. You just have to watch.

(I originally had the video posted here, but it was too big for the space, so I took it down and posted the YouTube link instead.)


Diane P said...

Very cute but they obviously haven't met my cat, Wiley. He allows you to hold him for 10 seconds and then it is the push away.
Have a great day.

Melissa Marsh said...

That was awesome! So many great lines in there, too.

I'm off to go home and eat lunch with my three kitties. :-)

Christine Fletcher said...

Diane, my cat Molly Brown is the same way. She loves sitting on your lap, but the instant you pick her up, she transforms into one big knotted muscle and is trying to jump out of your arms.

Melissa, this video cracked me up--I'm glad it's not just my geeky sense of humor! (I've been known to find things hilarious that leave other people simply bemused).

Sally said...

I LOVED this video - saw it on "stuff on my cat". Corporal Cuddling just cracked me up - nothing would bug Miss Violetta more than being forcibly cuddled.