Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Countdown: ZERO!

Publication day! Ten Cents a Dance is officially available in bookstores and online. Are we excited? Is the Pope Catholic?

So what happens on pub day (as book insiders affectionately call it)?

Well, so far, not much. I got up, curled my lip at the frost outside (it’s April, people! Enough with the frost!), ate breakfast, and parked myself in front of my computer. Pub dates, alas, aren’t like a movie premiere. There’s no red carpet in front of the local Barnes & Noble, George Clooney ain’t showing up at my door in a tux. (Although, if he wants to, who am I to deny the man?) In short, it’s a lot like any other day. There’s pages to write on the next book, errands to run, chores to do.

But Ten Cents a Dance, the novel I’ve lived and breathed for two years, is now—finally—on the shelves. Ruby’s story is out of my hands, and into yours.


Melissa Marsh said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, I am going to have to head out to Barnes and Noble and snatch this one up!

BTW - I love the new look of your website and blog!

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks, Melissa! All kudos to my website designer, xuni.com--she's amazing!

FYI, not all Barnes & Noble stores carried my first book--some did, some didn't. (This is one of those weird things about the book industry you find out when you get published.) So you might want to call first--But thank you, I hope you like it!

Walter Rowntree said...

What more is there to say but CONGRATULATIONS!
Time to start a new chapter and let the old ones do what they will.

Karen said...

Oh Chris - I can't wait to meet Ruby. Book #2!!!! I remember you talking about the idea for this book several years ago. I hate to think exactly how many years ago - because it was in the last days that I sat at the table with my favorite writers. I look forward to seeing you at the publication party and toasting your latest accomplishment.

Sara Fletcher said...

CONGRATULATIONS AUNT CHRIS!!! I haven't gotten a chance to get the book yet but I'm SO excited to read it :)I hope you've been having fun! It looks like it!

all my love :)
ps, I need to see these platform crocodile heels of Nana's.

Karen Holland said...

I reluctantly finished your book yesterday morning tucked up in my writing room spending precious moments with Ruby. You've done it again. I could smell the yards, feel the satin, hear the jazz - at times I was dancing right along. But best of all, once again, you've brought us a girl to love, worry over and cheer for. Not all good (thank goodness!) but certainly not all bad. You are on the map now, Chris and I am pleased to say I knew you when. Well done!

Christine Fletcher said...

Karen, thank you! I'm so glad you liked the book--and Ruby. She's near and dear to my heart, even more than Tallulah. I feel like a proud mom! :)