Monday, August 02, 2010

Oh, Jane...What Will They Think Up Next?

I don't often get the Monday blahs, but today they're all over me like slippery on squid. Much as I'd like to loll on my couch and watch "LoTR: The Return of the King" again, though, no such luck. Too much to do.

But even in my ennui-ridden state, this made me squee with glee. Whether you're suffering from your own Monday malaise, or bounding through the world in high cheer*, I highly, highly recommend.

*If you're bounding, kudos to you and stay away from me. If you're my compatriot in the doldrums, courage! A good night's sleep, and tomorrow all will be well. And if it's not, at least it will be Tuesday.


Melissa Amateis said...

I watched this last week - oh. my. goodness. TOO FUNNY. Made me giggle. :-)

I've got a bit of the Monday blues, too, but it's probably because I had to come to work today! ;-)

Lisa Nowak said...

I had my blues on Sunday. Today wasn't so bad, but yesterday all I wanted to do was lie around and read, sleep, and watch House reruns.

Christine Fletcher said...

Melissa--I knew I was late jumping on the bandwagon with this (seems like if it's been 24 hours, everyone's seen it already!) But I decided to be self-indulgent. It did cure the blahs! :) Hope your day at work was a good one.

Christine Fletcher said...

Lisa--oh, House! My sweetie and I are debating if that show has jumped the shark or not. I think we'll have to see what the new season brings. But I do love me some House, especially the early seasons.

Walter Rowntree said...

Loved the use of Battle Without Honor or Humanity.
That really made it for me.
Chris- You must really like House. It's the first time I've seen you use an HTML tag.

Andrea said...

This is funny. Thanks for posting it. I hope Chuck P. has seen it.
Do you ever watch Hugh Laurie in "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" (with Stephen Fry)? They're just kids and so funny.I think the young Emma Thompson might be in one or two. Netflix.