Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 21st Century Feline

Seamus O'Leary takes the traditional I'm-going-to-sit-on-top-of-your-papers manuever and gives it a modern twist.

He managed to fall fast asleep in this position, so I felt bad kicking him off. And yet...I did. I'm not a total meanie, though; just as soon as he demonstrates 90 words a minute, the keyboard's all his.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris - just discovered this adorable picture. Does he do this often? The best my cat Dexter can do is swat at the cursor on the screen. dudley tries to move the mouse but he's too clumsy.

Debbie Guyol

Christine Fletcher said...

Seamus doesn't lie on the keyboard much--he's usually content with curling up on my lap. More often, though, he's curled up with the dogs. He loves dogs. He and the pit bull mix squabble over the rug by the heater vent. Seamus always wins--he's got lots more pointy bits, and he's not afraid to use them.