Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Club Love

One thing I'm thankful for: A really vibrant, enthusiastic online community for young adult lit. Today, I'm thrilled to be the visiting author at one of the best all-around YA sites: TeensReadToo.com. Kudos to TRT founder Jen for asking delightfully original interview questions, designed to bring out the inner weird (admittedly, not too difficult to do with me.)

If you'd like a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Ten Cents a Dance, stop by and leave a comment. Or if you'd rather, just relish the weird.


Lisa Nowak said...

Wow, she asked you some great questions. I loved your analogy about the piano recital. And the story of your day without power reminded me of so many of my own growing up in the Gorge.

Melissa Marsh said...

Off to read it now, Christine! (And how is the editing going?)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Christine Fletcher said...

Lisa, it sounds like growing up in the Gorge would be an adventure!

Yes, Jen does an awesome interview. I really had fun with it. Thanks for checking it out!

Christine Fletcher said...

Melissa, I always want writing to go faster than it does. But it's actually going pretty fast, and--I think--really well. I'm still having a blast with it! And I'm getting pretty close to done. *whew!*