Monday, July 26, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog for Cats

Blogging about writing and life is all very well. But in the middle of summer, when it's too hot to think, sometimes all we want is a story.

This is a tale of a teeny-tiny orphaned kitty named Molly Brown, who lived in a house with a big brother-cat named Albert.

Albert: Oh, cripes. Here's that lady with the flashy-thingy again. Listen, kid, here's the drill. Hold still and look cute and maybe she'll go away.

Molly: You're in my light.


Listen, squirt, you'd better behave, or I'll...

Or what? Huh? You're not the boss of me! Or what?

...or I'll bury you.


Say "uncle."




Right in the kisser, bam! Nyah-nyah!

OK, that's it. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Oh. Hi. She, uh, she got something in her eye. I'm helping her get it out.


My boyfriend is convinced I will eventually become a crazy cat lady. I have no idea why he thinks this.
Oh, and Molly Brown and Albert?

BFF. Even when Molly was all grown up, they were still inseparable.

Now let's go have some lemonade and cookies.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I truly loved this post. But then, I'm a cat person. And dog person, too, for that matter. My efficiency apartment is just too small for a dog -- even a Shelty, which I would love to have.

You might want to visit my blog tomorrow. I am writing a serial ghost murder mystery -- but tomorrow details the adventures of my cat, Gypsy, as she goes paw to paw with the towering Sphinx of Thebes to get back to me.

Sure, she's little, and the Sphinx is huge. But if you've ever shared a bed with a buzzing mosquito, you know the effectiveness of small creatures!

Melissa Amateis said...

Oh Christine, thank you so much for this post. It's exactly what I needed today in the midst of my novel-writing woes.

I love these two! So adorable. And the captioning on the photos was perfect!

I never thought I'd be a cat lover, but I had one kitty who changed my mind on that long ago. I only have one cat now, and I simply adore her. :-)

mi said...

i love the running commentary, haha!

they look so much like my kitties - a brother sister duo i had to bottle feed because they'd been separated from their mother too early.

now they are big bro and sis to my little guy!

Lisa Nowak said...

Oh, those are the most darling photos! Brown tabbies rock.

Sally Nemeth said...

So cute it HURTS!!!!!

Jenny Seay said...

Love these pics and the kitties!

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! You can tell how old these pics are (and/or how behind the tech times I am)...these were taken with my old camera on actual (gasp!) film. I'm kinda sorry I didn't have a way to shoot video at the time. That would have been hilarious.