Monday, June 28, 2010

Books on the House...And She Does Mean "On the House"!

Back in town,* and a whole lotta book stuff happening on these interwebs.

First up, exciting news: Ten Cents a Dance is the featured book at Books on the House for Kids & Teens! The founder of BotH, Misa Ramirez, is an author herself, and she was looking for ways to bring authors and readers together. The answer is her website: Books on the House, and Books on the House for Kids/Teens. Every week, readers can visit the sites and enter to win free signed books. Win-win for everyone!

Four reasons to trot on over and check it out:
--This is your absolutely, positively, last chance to win a signed paperback of Ten Cents a Dance (that I know of)! So throw your hat in the ring, already!

--You can see a video interview, done specially for BotH, in which I talk about why I started writing; my mother's horror when she realized I was going to make public a family secret that had been under wraps for three generations; and my current novel-in-progress (never before discussed anywhere!) Also, I make funny faces when I talk. Not helped by the fact I'm trying to look at the camera, not my computer screen, because I didn't realize they should both be in your line of vision. (I was mostly concerned with making sure that the cat litter behind me wasn't visible. Which, BTW, thank you Miss Molly Brown, for NOT peeing in the box until thirty seconds after the interview was over.)

--You can also see the Ten Cents a Dance book trailer. Didn't know there was one? Neither did I, until last week when Google Alerts tipped me off. The trailer was done by Adriana, a teen librarian in California. This is one of the most astonishing things about being published...that people will read your book and be inspired by it to create something completely new.

--Seriously, you need a fourth reason? BOOK TRAILER. CONTEST. FUNNY FACES. Ye gods, people.

*The wedding was gorgeous, BTW...sunshine, ocean breezes and rose petals, the bride and groom crazy in love, and yes, this auntie did shed tears. Bellissima!


mi said...

how exciting about that book trailer!
i'm heading off to check it out now!

and to enter the contest, haha!

Christine Fletcher said...

Yes, the book trailer was a delightful surprise!

Good luck on the contest (I can say that because I'm not at all involved with the random selection!) :)

Melissa Marsh said...

So cool to hear your voice! :-) For the record, you sound just like you look (if that even makes sense!). Congrats on the feature!

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks, Melissa! (And I know what you mean about the voice...although it's funny, it never occurred to me to wonder if mine "matched"!) :)

Lisa Nowak said...

Congrats on being featured. Those are compelling reasons indeed. I'll have to check it out.

Some kid here in Oregon did a book trailer for Chains and it was very impressive. Did you see it? Laurie Halse Anderson had it on her website a couple months ago.

Christine Fletcher said...

Thanks, Lisa! I found the trailer for Chains...very impressive! Here's the link, for anyone who's interested: