Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Girl Week at Reviewer X!

Reviewer X (aka Steph, YA book reviewer, blogger, and all-around awesome gal) is hosting a Girl Week extravaganza over at her blog all this week. She's featuring book reviews, guest blogs, book giveaways, author interviews, and more. The best part? She invited me to be part of the celebration! Here's my guest blog on how historical YA heroines in corsets can beat the pants off their contemporary counterparts any day of the week. And here's Reviewer X's very, very kind review of Ten Cents a Dance. While you're there, check out Stephanie Kuenhert's ruminations on the perjorative slut, an interview with the fabulous Lurlene McDaniel, Jody Gehrman's contention that Shakespeare was a feminist, and way, way more.

Thanks and many kudos to Reviewer X for putting this amazing lineup together--and for inviting me to jump in with so many great YA authors. They're a strong, thoughtful, gracious bunch (a lot like their heroines), and I'm honored to share the stage with them.


Steph said...

Thanks for the mention, Christine! And stop it, that review was completely deserved so no kindness from me - only the truth :)

Thanks for taking a part in it!


Melissa Marsh said...

Wow! Very cool that you are a part of that group, though I am not surprised since you're cool like that. ;-)

Walter Rowntree said...

Wow! Totally Awesome! Kudos to Steph, and congratulations to you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice guest blog, and wow, what a great review Steph did. You must be glowing!

Walter said...

Ten Cents a Dance is getting "stellar reviews".
"I was so involved in her story that at one key moment, my jaw literally dropped."
How great is that?

Christine Fletcher said...

Steph, a good review means a lot from you--because you call it like you see it. Thanks again for including me in Girl Week!

Melissa, I am so not cool...but that's the good thing about being a writer, because dorky comes with the territory. ;)

Thanks, Lisa! Yeah, I'm stoked. Lots of nice comments on the threads, too, which is great.

Walter, my character Ruby made my own jaw drop more than I'm really happy her readers have the same reaction!