Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a quiet day for us chocolate and laundry in the morning, dinner at a friend's in the afternoon.

Me: What can I bring?

Friend: You don't really like cooking, do you?

Me: (slight hemming and hawing) Um, I don't mind cooking. I mean, sure, I like cooking. Well enough. I mean, I'd be happy to bring something. I mean...

Friend (taking pity...and possibly remembering the pie I brought last year, which I thought came out OK): Don't worry about it. Seriously.

I'm grateful for friends who understand me. For conversation and warmth and camraderie, which I'll remember long after the the turkey and trimmings are gone. For my sweetie especially. For my family. For everything on this roller coaster publishing journey, ups and downs alike. And for things too many to list but which I hold dear in my heart.

And I'm grateful to you, too, for stopping by and spending a little time. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Walter Rowntree said...

I cooked all day. I like cooking, and try never to make the same thing twice, but that's gotten hard after 20 years.
To me, the best part about thanksgiving is the leftovers. I love turkey pot pie, so we got a 14 pounder for the two of us, slow cooked it for 7 hours at 235, stretched the gravy to about a gallon's worth, chopped and fried onions, celery, and carrots (quite a lot of each), mixed it all up into pie-sized portions and put them in the freezer. It'll be turkey pot pie once a week for months!
And then I discovered that I had forgotten to reserve any turkey, veges, or gravy for the actual Thanksgiving dinner. I had spent all my time cooking leftovers! Oh well. We had rice for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was good.

Melissa Marsh said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had plenty to eat, but today it's back to the gym and trying to watch those calories. :-)

Anonymous said...

I know all about those pies that don't turn out. Three years ago I made Key Lime torte from a recipe I'd found in the Oregonian. Either the temperature or the baking time was wrong, and that thing was still liquid when I pulled it out of the oven.

I stuck it back in and let it bake while we were eating dinner, and eventually it set up. It tasted just fine. Delicious, actually, but now every year my friend Sean (who we'd had dinner with) brings up that stupid torte. It doesn't matter that I've figured out how long to bake it. He always says, "Yeah, but that thing didn't turn out."

And don't get me started about the Gravy Wars. At least this year I was able to convince him that butter is not one of the recommended ingredients. :)

Christine Fletcher said...

Walter, that's hilarious that you cooked for the leftovers and not for the actual day! Neither of us really likes turkey that much, so when we're on our own we never cook one. Instead we make something else nice like salmon or a lamb roast.

Melissa, I applaud your gumption about going to the gym! This week, I swear, I'm going to start...

Lisa, yeah, you can always count on friends never to let you forget a culinary misstep. We have one friend we call "the History Channel" for his prodigious memory about such things. Still, that key lime torte sounds delicious!